Exploration 1


Outdoor space

Friesenberg/Wiedikon Quarters, Zürich

Beginning in 1930, Friesenberg was developed into Zürich’s first garden city quarter. Arising alongside residential areas were industrial utilizations, i.e. the Binz quarter, today an important component for creative industries. The dense juxtaposition of structures in the city demands meticulously graduated transitions from public to private. Semipublic space and its appropriation generate identification on the part of residents, but at the same time calls for constant processes of negotiation.


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Exploration 2


The Front Door Threshold

Hard/Aussersihl Quarters, Zürich

Beginning around 1920, this quarter was shaped by its residential colonies, with their massive interior courtyards. Fringing the streets as well are classical townhouses. Joining them during the postwar era were large-scale high-rise ensembles. Within today’s urban environment, these temporal layers appear in divergent ways. The shaping of the front door threshold constitutes the central point of identification and the building’s calling card. At the same time, the entrance offers protection and a sense of security, and also represents a climatic boundary. Visitors come into direct bodily contact with the building and its front door threshold.


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Exploration 3


The Staircase

Neu-Oerlikon Quarter, Zürich

Emerging through the reutilization of these industrial premises was a new, well-mixed urban district. Rising beginning in the 1990s were blocks of buildings whose dimensions were reminiscent of the old factory buildings, but which are oriented in urban planning terms toward streets and parks. In many instances, public space is activated by commercial utilization on ground floors. In contrast, the staircase forms the threshold to the private realm, and a place of concrete contact with neighbors. This zone hovers between the footprint of the individual occupant and collective expressions. In the staircase, there is much coming and going, continuous movement and sound.


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Common Room, Genossenschaft ABZ, Zürich

After three events that corresponded to the seasons of the year, wintertime was taken as an opportunity to pause and reflect. As a kind of «best of,» fresh perceptions into the in-between were presented to the public; these were then deepened by a walk through the Hard Quarter with interventions by the artists’ group annas kollektiv and a visit to the building site of the Genossenschaft Kalkbreite.


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