Essential to our exploration and analysis of semipublic space is the concept of the situation. The situation encompasses not simply the frame formed by architecture – the building itself – but its utilization as well. This means that in situations, the people and objects that are surrounded by architecture are conceptualized together with it. As a rule, we perceive situations through movement and in use:

— The act of looking



— The apartment doors



— The stairwell/staircase



— The prelude of the staircase



— The building entrance



— Meeting points



— Approaches



— The setting of the building



— The location

I see you, you see me,

do you hear me?


«The wall is mute, the

doors speak»


Which overcome heights,

smelling and hearing others


Rhythmic change in space



In and out



Lingering, together with others



Many paths lead to the building



Mine, yours, ours, everywhere?



Barriers and entrance gates